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James Vivian

Ah, so I see that someone else has coined the term spinblogging too... Though maybe it has more political connotations here in the US than it does in Japan. Still, the fundamental concept of blogspin is the same. I've noticed how much an affect it has had on the US election process; news will be released by the corporate mass media and then gets spun, respun, unspun, and unrespun ad infinitum until you get this tangled mess of truths and opinions.

For corporations, I would imagine it would be even harder to benefit from spinblogging or even the creation of a spinblog. While people can develop intense feelings, negative as well as positive, with regards to politics, I imagine it would be much more difficult to develop and keep a positive image of a corporation. And since brand image is so crucial to corporate identity and marketing, I imagine their marketing departments are even more ruthless about their public image than Karl Rove is about Bush's.

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