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Dude, you said it.

Frank Black

Wow... I was coming back to comment on one of the previous four entries and I now stumble on this "Ike"citing entry.

For now, I'll make my comment on your "Shitty" entry. All I wanted to do was send you a script of your evening, or how I imagined it could be with all the misunderstandings due to language. I laughed my red-head off when you related that cook/cock cock-up. So off my little wheels began to spin, will the obvious fork/fuck wordplay and such. Then, an old Benny Hill sketch came back to me where he played a Chinese polician being interviewed with all sorts of ribald misunderstandings. I think the first one was him seeming to say, "Good heaving heavy bodies". Which, of course, was "Good evening everybody". So, my script was trashed and my time on your site ended with me seeing you being chased around (in your underwear) by middle-aged salarymen in their boxers, undershirts and sock garters, all to the melodic saxophone of Boots Randolph.

If your evening was half as fun as my imagination of it (thanks to the late, great Benny Hill), then you are one lucky broad.

As far as Ikebukero goes, that is just plain fucked up.

Hope you're doing well Tokyo Redhead.


I am Frank. I am. In the future I'd like to keep my clothes on in any of your imaginings... but then again I guess you couldn't have a Benny Hill moment any other way. Hope you are well too...

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