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Agreed about Aveda vs. Boudoir. Have to say that the pain is usually worth it though so let's grinning and bearing!

Frank Black

Attack of the killer B's...

Body, Brain, Boudoir, Brazil...

You mention two parts, but your subject line hints at the truth about who you really are. Don't forget the other part of your tripart self: your "Soul". Any "B" words to make it easier to remember? Hmmm... not really. "Being" might work, or "Breath of God" for the religious. Anyway, whatever you call it, don't forget it. Look at a flower, hold someone's baby, contemplate your navel, think of what you'd feel if you had one year to live, etc. Yes, it may be spiritual masturbation to some, but it also helps to snap things into perspective. Each of your three parts are important and each needs attention. So, while washing your tomato-tinted tresses in Boudoir, remember that "Me, me, me" is MEntal, MEat and MEtaphysical.

Of course, I'm sure you already know this, seeing as you are so bright AND red-haired. I'm red-haired, but not too bright.

Frank Black


I've got to say Frank that my first reaction was to add another B and say bollocks. But you are of course, utterly correct, there is more to life than the perfect job, the perfect body, the perfect Brazilian (although I know a lot of ladies that might argue with you on the latter). However, at the moment, for me there are only so many hours in the day and I'm prioritizing as best I can. If it's any comfort, I feel like I've fed my emotional self to the full in the last few years and now wish to concentrate on more tangible life elements. I'm sure I will return to the emotional and spiritual trough soon enough but only after I get into that corset!

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