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Frank Black

>one isn't going to be able to move from the first to the second after
>downing half a bottle of wine and a few nihonshus.

Has one ever heard of a wheel-barrow?

God, how I would love to see those blossoms. I've seen it in my mind a thousand times. Me, standing in a shower of fat, flat, fluttering, coral-colored raindrops. One day.

> although I did belt out "You Outta Know" with every other woman in the room

Oh, you poor, poor thing!


Frank - why do you think Japan is such a harmonious society? I'll tell you why because there is ready access to inexpensive facilities where you (and your mates) can go rent a room and microphone to sing your heart(s) out. That's why. I too was a karaoke sceptic but I reckon that, other than eel sushi on demand, box karaoke is one of the things I'll miss most about Japan. As for song choice, the cheesier the better. There is no such thing as good taste in music when it comes to karaoke. It's all about the experience.

I do draw the line at stage karaoke however.

Cherry blossoms are pretty cool too but that's a given. Do hope you make it some day though.


Frank, I'm afraid that I have to agree with redhed on this one. There is something incomprehensibly healing about belting out angst-ridden lyrics at the top of your lungs after a hard week. Group therapy a la Japonais. Not to mention the fact the we sounded just GREAT!

Frank Black

I shall defer to those who are experienced in such things. As a bit of a musician, I certainly do know the cathartic value of music. As one who has not experienced what you've experienced, I will take your word that Alanis and alcohol and friends and a microphone can, in fact, bring release. I guess I would have felt better if you did sing, "I Will Survive". :)


Actually when you spell it out like that, it does sound quite dreadful. That's life in Japan for you ;-)

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