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Ugh, revolting. BUT don't forget that the West means big bloody steaks and....um....potatoes....? Hmmmm...

Frank Black

"I'm never gonna fit in again..."

How wonderful!

Hey girl, I just saw a special on "The Food Network" regarding the renaissance of Irish food. Believe me, Yanks never had much of an opinion on food from anywhere in the UK or in Ireland, but some of it looked nice. If the Irish can change foods, maybe things are changing in the UK? I know that over the last 10 to 20 years here, there has been a real food movement. Mind you, it isn't "popular". Meaning that there are now and probably always will be fast-food dumps that litter our streets. But, take our beer... everyone loves to laugh at American beer (hell, I laugh at it). But we make some of the finest brews in the world. There are so many small breweries in our country that you'd go mad trying to keep up. The stuff you buy in stores is generally piss. But the small breweries are fab. Maybe something like that is going on in your neck of the woods? Some Italian began this thing called the "Slow Food Movement". It is catching on here at restaurants that use whole-foods, organic foods, etc. Things here are starting to slowly, slowly, slowly move toward using locally grown meats, vegetables and fruits. We also have wonderful (mostly, some are horrid) wines and lots of amazing beers. Add to that our breads and cheeses, and I'd say chip us off the map and float us out to sea. Screw the rest of the world, leave us all the hell alone!

Hmmm, wonder what set me off? Anyway, I guess I wanted to say that you shouldn't lose gastronomic-hope. But, if you find yourself back home and see a gaping hole in the culinary market, maybe you should fill it yourself?

Frank Black


Small consolation that it may be, I don't think I have eaten one curry (unless Thai green which can't possibly count as it was dropped from heaven with sticky rice, non?) in my 15 months back in Blighty. Not bad going considering I was averaging 2/3 a week in my Nippon days. West is best.

Come home......x


Frank my friend, I can hardly boil an egg never mind lead a gastronmic revolution. However, you are making the US seem more tempting in the munching department...

Ems, sweetie, welcome to posting. Yes you know you are so right - I don't think I ever really ate curry that much until I came to Japan. It is also definitely time to leave the nan bread behind xxx


But the article basically says 'don't eat this crap in excess'. Much the same could be said about any of the rubbish we eat - did you hear about the guy who ate only McDonalds for a whole month, and then went to the doctor. Moderation is the key.


Agree - I guess I was more shocked that Chicken Tikka Masala (and its contents) was such a big deal in the U.K that it deserved such media coverage. I mean there is a trade mag called "masala"!

But then again maybe I have just become used to a society where people actually have to cark it before health scares are uncovered ;-)

Frank Black


> did you hear about the guy who ate only McDonalds for a whole month, and then went to the doctor

Excellent story. The chap who did that, Morgan Spurlock, did it for his documentary film, "Supersize Me". It is a fascinating story and I hope to see the film as soon as it is released in my area. It was an underground hit at the Sundance Film Festival this year. You can read all about it at www.supersizeme.com

TPB, Esq.

The US is great for gastronomic revolution (or at least living around NYC is). Between the steaks, the Thai, and the Mediterr. cooking, we've enjoyed getting fattened up for the slaughter.


Mmmmm... think I've lost my appetite.

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