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Speechless...! I can't find the right words! Maybe there aren't any!


It's so sad!!! Hide, another woman you have helped to feel beautiful wishes you the best.....x


NO! NO! NO! you only just introduced me to him! It cannot be so- he of the "try the straight haired look". Geez. What are we gonna do now??? Back to Sinden? Ugh! Did he hook you up with a replacement? When's he going? Oh my gawd......


Whose mascara is running down their cheek now?? My god - I finally get a date in this god damn metropolis and I've left my touch-up kit in my other handbag. Drinks are on you in London town, MC! x

Frank Black

I hope you don't mind that I may be the only one smiling in this place. You are such a clever morsel. So many layers seem to be peeling off you right now. What will they reveal?

Frank Black
By all means, do grow that magnificent mane.


Girls, I will be forming a Hide support group when I return from Europe. Let's talk then.

Ems - date? date? I want to hear more over that drink. Can't wait to see you sweetie.

Frank - you crack me up, you really do.

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