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Franz Ferdinand

Hey Red, like the camera!!
Happy Birthday, and hope you have a nice dinner. Just avoid the panini.....


Thanks "Franz". You say punani, I say panini. Yes, um, I shall be avoiding at ALL costs.

Frank Black

Happy, Happy Birthday to you! I think your gift is delightful and useful for everyone. Not only will the quality of the photos improve with this sweet thing, but I'll bet the quantity will go up for a while (nothing like a new toy). I got a Canon A80, but I'm not really into photos, so I still don't take many snaps.

All my crimson-crowned best to you. :)

Frank Black


Thanks for your b-day wishes.

Mines is Pentax. Optio S4i. 4mega. Apparently. As you might guess I didn't spend much time scoping the specifications. I was heading for a Canon... but cuteness prevailed. So far, very happy with my choice.

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