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I hope not.

Tansu clearly the new shoes.


Since when do you buy FIVE pairs of shoes at the same time??? Don't worry redhed, its an investment. You'll have to have us round to see them. I'm sure E and I could find some space in the bath?

Frank Black

Wow, that is some beautiful stuff! If you ever get the chance, drop us a photo of what you have. That is right up my alley. I'm certainly an "everything in it's place" kind of guy (except for my desk, which never seems to bring under my dominion). I'll have to prowl around and see if anyone locally has something small.


Yes, the tansu featured on that site are particularly beautiful. Mine aren't quite up to that quality and I'm certainly not paying that amount of money for them. However, I am getting a good deal to say the least. I've added a photo (click on it for a proper view) of one piece of a two piece set - Meiji era apparently. You can stack them or have them separate as my colleague has at the moment. The other 3 I'm getting are slightly darker wood.

Going to have to have to spend the weekend clearing space for their delivery.

Not sure where you are based but I know that they can be overpriced outside of Japan so take care.

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