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Ho Chi Minging here-- and no monday blues in sight!? What day is it infact??! What is in sight tho is a definite need to crash post HK7s. Everything they say is true!!!! Am total knax!! Gng to Ana Mandara 2mrw. Glad the bday went well. Was thinking of you and had 3 jugs of pims before midday in your honour!!!!


EVERYTHING? Juicy details in an email now chum!.

Frank Black

I think fear of starving is greater than job-loathing. But, if one is not tied down to a mortgage, spouse or children, one should quit in a heartbeat and find what one loves. Life is too short for such nonsense.


Yes, I was thinking that myself regarding Ms. Bile. When I said that I felt the same way about my job, I guess I meant that I consistently felt the same - and that the feeling was ambiguity. Which has certainly made it easy for me to stay in my job for six years but equally, makes it easy to leave. Although granted, I will only be changing locations, rather than professions.

She does capture anger very well however...

venomous secretary

to be honest, this blog is the one where i get to just be angry. it's another outlet for me.

i have a real, everyday, less angry blog as well! but everyone needs a place to just vent.

my job is irritating, but it's not that awful. i think being treated like an idiot day after day, for over a year has just worn on me. once i post here, once i get all the f-bombs out of my system, i feel much better.


Fair enough - anger, irritation and general intolerance of surrounding stupidity are feelings/states sadly underated, and I guess just as valid as any others. Vent away and vent some for me. Your site is very addictive.

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