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Frank Black

"civil society"? I must hear more about that phrase. But, until then, rest up and welcome back. My mornings just are not the same without a dose of Tokyo Redhead.

Frank Black

P.S. Could you have imagined youself ever uttering a phrase such as "I missed you blog" when you were a young lass? :)


Nice to have you back!


Mate- really missed you! missed sharing my momentary madness! and yours! look forward to a good catch up. Okaerinasai!


Okaerinasai indeed - missed you darl :-)


Thanks. Missed you all (those near and afar) too.


And now I am the one missing you....

It was truly great to see you, and to see you looking so amazingly well.

Am having my own sort of blue-arsed fly day but I eagerly await key updates from you.



Ems- we miss you too. Come back to the tokyo goldfish bowl. reality sucks! lets escaping for as long as poss! well.....till the end of the year at least! xx


Ems - so lovely to see you too. You are a true inspiration for my possible return. Don't listen to Erra, let's getting on with the rest of our lives! Although I must admit, as she says I don't think I'll be doing that until the end of the year. More in email anon. xxx

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