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So did you make it?


So did you make it?


so - shall i say that again!!>>>!!!???? *DOH*


Yes and with time to spare - woke up to a buzzing photograph of old boss (the Prince), whom I'd hooked up with in London during my trip. Not necessarily the best way to start the day...

Frank Black

Look, it could have been worse... what if you had to use your blender to wake you up? Not only does it look stupid on your nightstand, but imagine hitting the wrong button to turn it off? Ouch!

All of this time-zone-traipsing about must be turning your poor brain into mush (or whatever stew those Sumo guys eat). So you'll get your rhythm back just in time to fly to Beantown? Geez, bad luck. But, at least it isn't in the winter, so that is a plus.

I don't even want to start down the path of what I thought of when you said Golden Week (and believe me, it WASN'T the Golden Arches of McDonalds).

Hey, at least the camera didn't take a picture of you waking up.

Get some rest.


That would be pretty cool re: camera taking a photo of me waking up as an alarm device. Wouldn't go on the blog of course but still...

I've been to Boston before, for New Years in fact, so know what you mean regarding winter. I think there was some sort of blizzard going on and I was interviewed vox pop style on the radio about how I felt about the weather. As a Scot, of course, I was pretty nonchalant...

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