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I need...I need...I need...! What's all this? A reality call? Don't answer the call...let it ring...stay the way you are!


True but I do need some clean knickers so there is no getting out of the laundry I'm afraid. Don't worry I won't go changing...

Frank Black

"I need to not be so easily distracted, I need a permanent distraction."

I like that.

Well, you could have a wolverine grafted onto your back? Not only is it a permanent distration, you will find that pretty much nothing else will be able to distract you after that.

Aside from that, I think we all know what it is you need, since we are all in the same boat (with the exception of the knickers... mine are in tidy piles). Since juicy details of your recent roamings are still forthcoming, I don't know if this angst is spawned from the taste of "home" or simply the result of getting out of your current routine and finding that it suits you. Or, maybe it is none of the above?

As for the drinking/eating thing, you could become a bit compulsive for a couple months and swear off the stuff? It is easier to stop drinking if you have a higher purpose motivating you, like dropping a few pounds. I'm in pretty good shape, but every once in a while I get a bug up my arse and kick it up a notch. I've been low-carbing and loving it. Since I've stopped slamming down the pints and started pushing away those white things (potatoes, flour, sugar), I've lost some weight, but generally feel great. Added to my normally torturous gym routine, I've felt great.

About Becks... well.. I think he went to Real Madrid a bit too easily, so I've been concerned for a while. The spotlight is nowhere to live your life. Every little bump shows up.

Now call your mum, and tell her Frank says "hey".


Appealing as it sounds, I think I'll pass on the wolverine...

I feel I should clarify that I'm not an alcoholic by nature... circumstances have been such that I have had no option but to drink almost every night for the past month... so I guess what I'm really saying is that I need to cut back on the socializing and catch up on some of life's mundanities - knicker laundry etc.

Weight not an issue at the moment I'm happy to say. I too avoid white food.

Mum says "who the hell is Frank?!". I didn't tell her, she worries too much about me already.


No cutting back on the socializing until I am in an airplane young lady!

Also, was having the "let's saving" conversation with Erra earlier this week. Yes, it is important to have a little nest-egg for the future, but it seems difficult to create any savings in Tokyo, unless it is at the expense of having nippon-specific fun. Aqua City, Boudoir (fun?!), karaoke, Tansu - all these things can only be experienced in their true form in Japan, and therefore you should make the most of them while you're here. Desu.

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