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Yeah sorry about that chicka, slacker's offer of another glass of chilled white wine was too much to resist. 28degrees and only april. By summer I will be an alcoholic if this continues!!!

Fame and fortune at last for The Economist massive!!!


ms trh, having just (i think) seen you for the first time in the flesh, may i just say your blog pics don't do justice to your beauty. i could easily have fallen in love:-)


Um...gee...thanks. But I fear you may have been mistaken. I don't think I was anywhere interesting last night where you could have spotted me in the flesh. And I'm assuming (and to be honest praying) that you are neither my gay boss, his lover nor the Chief Financial Officer of my company - as I was hanging out with them in a very quiet bar most of the evening... While I like to think of myself as a one-off, I have to admit there are a few other redhead's in Tokyo... Oh well.

Frank Black

Hey someoneorother... you'd better watch it! She's MY make-believe-long-distance-love-whom-I've-never-met-yet-feel-I-know-but-shall-always-be-just-out-of-reach, so don't try anything funny or I'll have to virtually do something nasty like... umm.... well, sign you up for the Spice Girls Fan Club or Sir Elton John's fashion catalog. I know it seems cruel, but such is my dedication. Plus, I'm a red-head too, and everyone knows that red-heads are freaks. Freaks stick together. But don't say anything to her, because she doesn't suspect. I mask my warm feelings for her behind a wall of an acerbic wit and a contrived air of aloofness.

Uh oh... I think I said too much. DAMN! Now I wish I didn't skip typing class the day we covered the backspace and delete keys! Argh!

(Hope you're getting some sleep)


It's raining men, hallelujah!

Boys, I'm very flattered, truly...but I still think we are dealing with a major case of mistaken identity here. I don't think I'm half the woman either of you seem to think I am.

Frank - thanks :-)

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