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Frank Black

Any real man knows that you exfoliate, wash, apply toner, THEN apply a base coat of shine-reducing foundation. Of course, if I am going out with the boys to watch a football match or lift a few pints, I MAY put on a touch of eye-shadow and mascara, but not all the time. That would be creepy.

I tried so very hard to imagine, not the excruciating image of this guy fussing over his face, but rather YOUR face as you watched him fuss. Priceless my dear, just priceless.

Hope you are rested.


I wore a mask (specially formulated to reduce signs of aging) of palpable disdain.

No Frank, I'm afraid I'm not rested at all but at last I feel one coming my way. Yay!


Feel what coming your way????


Ha ha - a rest mate, a rest.


One word: Eeeuw.

There's this blackhead-removing-tape thingy, you know the one where the band-aid like thing where they slap it on the nose then peel it off to yank the blackheads from their holes. That is utter gross!

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