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It's nice when you are able to go back to the "memory folder" and...remember those moments.
"Standing on the outside" of a situation like the one you describe can be also traumatic in many ways.
But nothing can describe the pain of those involved in the "car crash"! It's so painful!
...I'm still bleeding...!


Spartacus - I too am a survivor.


I went through your blog this week, the whole shebang. What can I say? What would like to hear? Let's spin it this way ... you're interesting, somewhat eccentric, yet a normal, typical woman doing the best you can in a most foreign of foreign lands. Moreoever, you're talented, or more specifically, those little fingers of yours that type the witty, entertaining words that entice us readers to come back again and again.

Regarding memories and the relationship wreck that you have taken notice of. We all see things like this at one time or another, and the desire to say something is that small grain in the shoe, the unpleasant rub that refuses to go away. Yet, as you and nearly everyone else knows, best to stay silent and let things fall as they will. What's more a trainwreck to you may not be all that is presents itself to be. Tread carefully. As you mentioned, you are not involved, though certainly concerned.


Potomac - firstly, thanks for tuning in. I think I said this in a previous post but I'm always pleasantly freaked in a "gee" "shucks" kind of way, when someone new reads and pipes up. Regarding the other issue, it's not my intention to go into detail but I should admit that I'm not the innocent, unharmed bystander in this accident that perhaps the post suggests. However it is very true that I can walk away... Thanks again.

Frank Black



Gratefully accepted Frank.

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