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invitee #1

Thanks for a great nite. YOU are the hostess avec le mostess!!! Was much fun. Despite 1130pm arrival!!! Fab stuffed peppers. managed to catch you all up on the p*ssed stakes quite quickly!!! Not as impressive a performance as PG of course tho....!! Comedy cab ride home. MuchMuch fun!!! wish i could say the same for guiding the rentals around the imperial palace today with mammoth hangover!!! Cheers, xx


Chum - you arrived just on time to lead the second wave. PG didn't stand a chance, he was first to arrive and one of the last to leave. Thanks for coming and glad you enjoyed yourself. I truly believe that there would have been no better way to survive the rents and the imperial palace sketch.


Hey babe. Thanks so much for such a wonderful bye bye party. The food was amazing, and as commented that night, was the first time I had seen the most fabulous "domestic Redhed". I thought the guests were fab, and if Mr. I wasn't so sniffly, I deffo would have been last gal standing. Thanks so much again, and you were without doubt, the hostest with the mostest. x


Glad you had a good time. Of course never got to talk to you nearly enough... haven't quite worked out how to do the domestic godess thing and actually spend time with all my guests. In a (very small) way, it's lucky you are leaving - I have totally exhausted my culinary capabilities now... Saving my comments on your leaving for a post on Wednesday but suffice to say I'm looking forward to future dinner parties with you in London, Tokyo or NYC!

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