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Top Nite! YOU/ we Rock!
24, 35, it's all the same mate!


Do you know the way to SanJose?

Sat night was one of the funniest nights I've ever had... I too cannot recall laughing so much in forever. It really is good for the soul. (It made such a pleasant change NOT getting a taxi home from daPong drunk and depressed after another night of the same ol'crap).

Heres to more axion in the 'burbs!! Bring it on.

Oh... and RedHed ... I totally agree... "What goes on tour stays on tour'

p.s. Erra - yes WE DO ROCK!! You my dear in particular were in fantastic form. Bring out the inner-diva next time too please. I want some snaps for my photo album too ;-)


Yes, what goes on tour, stays on tour EXCEPT when one of your merry friends is bored out of her mind in Tokyo and desperately needs the details of your night of debauchery. Gad, I wish I was there! E-mail me :-)


Whoops, I meant bored in London. Gomen!


Jeez for a moment there, I thought you were holed up in Tokyo somewhere...


you've got holed up on the brain!

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