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Ahhh, memories of crazy Japan. One thing I noted the other day was a Baby on Board sticker with a difference. This came hot on the heels of a conversation between MC JA and I, in which MC and I ranted about hating said stickers. We were wondering just why you should be careful when a baby is on board, as opposed to anyone else! This one read 'Rangers Baby on Board'!!!!!! Obviously other babies are fair game!


Hilarious - in certain parts of Glasgow I think that sticker would actually put them in MORE danger no!

Frank Black

Your trip home sounds like the perfect script for some French director's film. Or, better yet, the beginning sequence of the pilot show for the return of "The Prisoner". We can pan through the streets of your neighborhood with all of the characters you mentioned, then we see you beat up the train station guards (who really are trying to take you away to "The Island"). Then, when you stop to fuss over a cute baby in a pram wearing a "Rangers Baby" shirt, we find the child is a robot that is programmed to gas you. You are then taken away to "The Island" where the new series and the fun starts. Wow, you're already on an island! Seen Patrick McGoohan running around? Good stuff, that.

Frank Black

sarah & kelly

We also the Climax bargain our favorite odd saying so far in Japan is

Happy infinate romances occur in a newborn oasis. Wink your future'

This was on a tube of hand cream..


Frank, I believe it is well-documented that the makers of that show were on drugs and so one has to ask, are you? Joking. However, you are perhaps not that far off the mark - life on this island can be just as sureal and difficult to make an escape from... alas.

Sarah and Kelly - you mean you don't wink your future? I guess us girls don't have to bother with romance when we can climax for half price :-)


What train station was that? I'd like to avoid it.

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