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Whoa, whoa, whoa woman. You are successful, beautiful, witty and wanted. Whatever or whoever has kicked off this blog entry is not worth your while. And as for why bother writing a blog? I think the loyalty and enjoyment of your dedicated readers speak for themselves. YOU ROCK and don't let anyone tell you different.


Everything and eveyone, nothing and no one. Pay no mind, it was just one of those days...

Thanks sweetie.


Go back to bed. Sleep it off! You wont be feeling like this, this time next week.

Mr P

And I thought I was the only one who sometimes had days like that (apart from the makeup and obviously girly sections)!!!
You are not alone, best solution is to drink alcohol with your mates....;-) Makes it all so much better!


Mr. P - I'm sure you have been spotted powder puffing at the platform mirror before... I jest. Thanks for the support and very sensible advice, might see you in the pub lates...


Agree with Mr.P... nothing like a glass of wine with the girls to melt away all the 'why bothers'... as we we saying last night.. its all about our perspective. which becomes incredibly distorted when living in this crazy town.. where many things are (blown) out of proportion.

Really - its not us. Hontou-ni! :-)

Also totally agree with P-Haalfu -

3 cheers for the mutual appreciation society!!

and finding a broadcasting to syndicate
"Big Sista"... a show about girls... largin' it in Tokyo.

Big kiss and big hugs


Why bother??? You have been asking that since you were 8 years old and I still can't think of an answer except, it's a primeval urge to bother. People just can't help it. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action over and over, expecting a different outcome....


Uhoh - here comes trouble, someone who has known me since I was 8 years old... you are totally gonna blow my cover.

No, I jest, welcome to my world - a comment at last! You and Einstein are, of course, correct (you always were the clever one). I need to break the cycle of insanity and introduce some creative destruction into my life.

It's funny what you say though, for someone (like me) who could never see the point, I have somehow "gambarimashited"... kinda makes me wonder what I could achieve, if I could actually see it.

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