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TPB, Esq.

I'm not sure that he would want to.....

Frank Black

I only wish Farenheit 9/11 was fiction, my dear TR.
Alas, I'm living in the midst of this horror story.
The only thing sadder than the film is the fact that
most of my fellow Yanks are so foolish that the upcoming
election is looking like another close one. Not that
Mr. Kerry is all that wonderful either, but dear Lord...

But I must agree that after watching those two films, an over-heated credit card seems to be a trifle. Go out and buy yourself some break-away knickers. Or better yet, buy some "Freedom Knickers" with a nice start and stripes pattern or a union jack on them. Hey, you want your gent to salute before asking for permission to come aboard, don't you? What is the matter, are you unpatriotic? You're either with us or with the terrorist.


TPB, been meaning to mail you - what is going on with unbillable hours? Yes, of course you are right, Mr. Moore is a publicity-seeking malcontent if ever there was one. However, I don't think as others proport, that necessarily makes him wrong or a bad person.

Frank, um, in the context of deciding to wear patriotic pants (now using English English), I would probably have to say not only would I be a terrorist, I would be a suicide bomber. [BTW if anyone from THE FBI or CIA is reading this... THIS IS AN ATTEMPT AT A WITTY RETORT, NOT A CONFESSION].

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