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O-tanjoubi Omedeto to TokyoRedHed Blog & its lovely creator.

Its been such a treat getting to know you and spend rots of time with you! (Thanks Princess :)

TokyoRedHed provides a welcome distraction during the working day and since I spend just about every weekend with you a great journal of our adventures ;-)

Let the good times (continue to) roll!!

I rabu yuuuuuu!


Rabu you too sweetie. Don't know what I'd do without your dancing!

Frank Black

Happy Rebirthday.

Sorry that you missed your chance to pick up the Czech after dinner. Of course, that means you didn't have to worry about the size of his tip. :)

You sound shiny. That is nice.


Black is back. Where have you been? Comedy school by the looks of things. Just so you know, there was no "service" charge either.

Not sure if I sound shiny but certainly look it in that photie... it sure was hot. mwah!

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