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So true my dear, so true....sigh. All the way down to those "lucky knickers".

glitter girl

I'm back... as your avid blog-reading / comment poster / supporter / fan ;-)

Not just the lucky knickers... what about that fave 'pulling' top / dress!!??



Obviously there is no such thing as having too many clothes... despite all I have, I don't seem to own either of the garments you both mention.

Will have to go shopping I think :-)

Frank Black

I wish I could recall the moment when being with my parents stopped meaning I was their child and became me being looked upon as the one with all the answers. It is an awkward feeling and I'm not sure if I like it any more than feeling like I am ten years old again. But, it is what it is. I do love my parents, so that helps. But even when you love them, it is so nice to have miles between you (I don't have that luxury as only one hour separates us). I hope you have a blast with them. I can see the furrowed brows on them now, seeing all of the foreign madness and those people talking in "gibberish". Ah, good times.


No, no, no my darling redhed. I think that gg will agree with me when I say that you can't 'buy' lucky knickers or a pulling top. They have to earn their stripes on the battlefields of Tokyo/London/Glasgow bars and clubs. However, statistics show that lucky knickers tend to be the little black lacy ones that you put on over freshly shaved legs for a date while mentally telling yourself, "I am DEFINITELY not sleeping with him tonight"! ;-)


Oh right, got you! Well, I tend to wear no knickers on those occasions... (I-am-of-course-joking...) except in Glasgow, where it is way too cold to even consider wearing anything less than thermals, whatever the occasion.

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