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Social Sufficiency = yes. Of course.. the 2
of us = instant party. 3 = a blast and a group of us = madness.

Secksual sufficiency = speak for yourself. Muhaha. Its summer here.. and the time is right... for dancing in the sheets. very cheesy -but couldn't help it. gomen. gomen.

In the meantime, I'll have to live vicariously through a certain persons stories of doing "it" on the beach.

Luv your fave born-again-baagin


As you know that "story" would fall into the ancient history section of any library cataloging system. Alas.


thanks for clarifying that. better to avoid confusion.

hopefully we can do something about that soon...
well not together of course. but i am here to keep my eye open and screen any potential suitors. and of course make sure that they have friends for me to seduce. i mean introduce myself too.

Mu ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa


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