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Frank Black

Damn! Why didn't I think of that?! "Sorry dad, I can't make it for dinner. I've got this thing in Dubai... you know how it goes."

Sad to hear you are under the weather. But look on the bright side: I assume you get sick time in your job? Poor "Belle" just doesn't get paid:

"Where's Belle?"
"Awww, she's flat on her back, poor thing..."
"What, you mean she's working?"
"No, you git, she's sick!"

Hope you're back in the pink soon, red.


RedHed - Re: the emergency services - I knew something was not quite right when I hadn't received a mail by 10am...

Seriously - though - I know that if I haven't sent out my usual mails / made my regualar calls that at least one of you would call me to find out if I was OK...
which is extremely reassuring.

I was really saddened though yesterday when that BAB (for the non-Tokyo peeps - its a social/networking group for foreign women in Tokyo) e-mail was sent around about the poor lady that died in her apartment... and was there for days before anyone found her. It breaks my heart that not everyone has regular contact with other human beings... and ... it hits me that in a city like this - (especially!) that people need to look out for each other more...

Gawd..another random post.. sumimasen... I must be pre-men. ;-)

Looking fwd to seeing you tonight!

Letsu Karaoke - GoldenGai style- and sing all our cares away.


p.s. that Parents Verse is totally depressing and I feel like disagreeing with it... but I really should do some work!

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