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You know who'll be listening.......


Mate - look on the bright side - you got some DRIED SQUID!! Only in Japan could you expect a man to send you stinky dried produce as a friendly gesture ;-)

I get your drift though - and you know I'm with Erra & P-Halfu - we are here for you any time.



Frank Black

Yesterday, upon first reading of this entry, I, in standard Frank Black style, zipped off a response intended to be disarmingly witty, yet poignantly soothing. After reading it, I vomited and erased the text.

I know that I am not alone when I say that when I read your words and the moments of pain that bleed from them, I want nothing more than to soothe those wounds. Yet, I find myself simply becoming ill at the thought of reading any more of my own prose. I mean well, and I think you know that. Yet I can't know what you are going through. I imagine as best I can and go from there, yet I don't really know. I want to say the right thing, yet I fear saying something foolish (like one of the previsiouly mentioned deleted lines: "Nothing says 'I Ruv You' like the gift of a Squid Basket").

I think, too, that somewhere in my gut I know that you are going to be alright. You are brilliantly witty and wittily brilliant. And, in your life you seem to have a group of mates that will see to you if you find yourself in a moment of need.

And, all I could think after reading the first few lines of the post was, "God, I hope she realizes how lucky she is not to be with Squid-boy." And, I think you do. I think a number of things that space and compassion will not allow me to itemize here. Most of all I think, "She is going to be alright." I know this because the tender heart that makes you feel things so powerfully is also amazingly strong.

Long distance hug from one red-head to another.


Well, can't possibly hope to out-do Frank in the moving prose department but what I CAN tell you is that I too have received some rather alarming pressies from male suitors in Japan. The best one to date is dried umeboshi. You are not alone!


Thank you Frank. Thank you everybody. I really mean it. I should make myself clear however,(realize that the post didn't), J-ex, his domestic arrangements and his exotic dried food offerings are really the least of my woes (and indeed, really not my woes at all). His timing was impeccable however, his problems: indicative and the overall effect: cumulative. On any other day, it might even have been comical. In fact I might still laugh about it yet... but not for a while I think...


Squid boy always meant well! My worst gift was still-live crabs (and I mean the edible variety!)

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