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Frank Black

One can only assume that you've offered to teach Mr. Sussed how to play the accordian. I cannot, for the life of me, envision any other proposition that would unclench his rectum. For some odd reason, your post reminded me of a soon-to-be-forgotten memory of my school days. I guess it was the "challenge" to a belief system... anyway, it was philosophy class. My theory was that one could easily prove one's philosophical premise, not with carefully crafted arguments and syllogisms, but rather, one needed only a sturdy piece of pipe. Simply grap the pipe and bash it into the head of the one judging your thoughts. After a couple firm blows to the head, grab them firmly by the hair and scream, "Am I right!?" "Am I fucking right!?"

I'm sure your solution was far more elegant than mine.

TPB, Esq.

Wow. Apparently Bret Easton Ellis' "Bateman" was a philosopher, not an investment banker.

I always liked to think of time as the fuel tank in which we pour the real non-renewable resource: experiences.

Whatever "offer" was made, I imagine that this experience was of the high octane quality, no? ;-)


Well, no, alas I'm not an accordian afficionado... and no I didn't take a pipe to him either. Although I am prone to "Bateman" type urges (especially on trains), I tend to keep them firmly locked inside my imagination.

So yes, instead of pain, I offered high octane pleasure (and no, not what you might think). However, for someone like Sussed, this IS actually pain. The opportunity to have unadulterated fun, offered in a spontaneous manner, for him, may in fact be the equivalent of pipe-inflicted brain damage.

I (we) await his decision.


In answer to one of your questions, they do have Truly Madly Deeply, but only at Tsutaya at Roppongi Hills as far as I know and I looked in a few stores after seeing Love Actually.


Ahhhh, a fellow Rickman fan then. Will check it out. Great movie, but mascara should definitely be removed before viewing.

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