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Sorry I missed...looks like a fun time! At least there will be another 10 chances....
Soooooo thats what happens when P gets plastered?!?!?!
HAHAHAHAHhahahah xx


Not particularly sure why but seeing these pictures has sent huge ripples through my whole being. I am DESPERATE to be back in Tokyo. I think it was triggered by the lights of the city in the background of the first picture and somehow from then on in it just got worse. I was even fantasising about standing on a Roppongi street waiting for a cab to take me home to the Gotanda hutch. There are good days and there are bad days....


Ems - NO, NO, NO - do not do this to me. I need lots of "you will love London" right now.

As you say there are good days and bad days I guess...


Hi Emma - I haven't met you yet... but have heard great things about you ;-) Keep up the good work... remind MC how FAB Tokyo is... so she's not in such a bl**dy hurry to leave...

I guess I'll have to share her around one day.. and let her go back to the UK.

sniff sniff



The Great Unkempt

Red, I strive to become worthy of your amity x

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