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Frank Black

I'm so happy that you got some rest. I'm stunned that you found six items in a video store worth seeing.


"And yes I know I really should learn to suspend belief every now and then. But what can I say, I'm Scottish - they don't make us that way."

If that is the case, then please explain why there are fans of any SPL football clubs apart from Rangers and Celtic?


Re: six titles - well, I'm not so sure that I did now (having seen one of them).

As for non-Old Firm football supporters, well that is their entire belief system and they don't suspend it for minute.

Just so you know (she whispers) - I don't like football.

Frank Black

*Feigned Incredulity*


Mr. Black - excellent comment on Scotland's penchant for fantasy football.

TRH - Love Actually, much like It's a Wonderful Life, can only be stomached the week before xmas when you think you Love Everyone Actually.

love NDR

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