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Frank Black

Seems we are all getting new things... your parents have a new experience, you're getting a new life and I have a lovely image for my PC wallpaper.

I say, come to the USA. Everyone hates us already, so with you around, they'll like us all just a bit more.

Hope you are well... really.

Frank Black

TPB, Esq.

Wow, what a great photo...


Yes, everyone seems to like it. I have a camel herdsman to thank for this one. As you can no doubt see I have cropped it to save the innocent or rather my potential boss in London. Pity as the whole photo is even better.

Thanks Frank but alas for good or for bad, I am London bound... to be honest I don't think even a superhero action figure like myself can save you guys. But I still love y'all anyway :-)


I can barely bring myself to post a comment .... as you know your No.1 Fan (ok - so I awarded myself this title) is completely devastated at the thought of you leaving Tokyo... first T, then B, and now RedHed..

"where shall I go? what shall I do?"

Soooooooooooo depressing... just going to pretend that you're not leaving... yes... thats it...denial.

LOVE YOU RedHed and I'll make sure we have an absolute BLAST before you blow this joint-



And I'm going to make sure than I continue to remind you that it's only 12 hours on an airplane and that despite the weather, you could easily make a(nother) detour for a year or two to Blighty before heading back to the land of Oz. Come on... you know you want to!

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