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PLEASE tell me you are not in work today!

And if you are, just think-- both your life and your mind will soon be winging their way to join you in another location.

This will all be over before you know it.
(Just as scary)


And at that other location, is a little Princess who is counting the days until you arrive and join her in the shops :-)


at least you can walk babe ;-)

& your life will come back to you.

tx for taking time out of your hectic schedule to visit me tonight.

u r fab



You fractured your TOE?? As they say in Nihon - what happen???? You poor baby. I love ya and I'm thinking of ya, and I ALWAYS have time to visit you - just don't post as often as I should (blush...)


Hmmm think there may be some confusion. I haven't fractured my toe... GG has... But thanks for the lurv and best wishes, I will redirect them to my brain which is extremely fractured at the moment. See you soon sweetie!


just finished reading, "A Plea for My Life"... WOW!
Am I the only one that is totally confused by it?

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