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Hi Red,
It's my first posting...
"Time" is never stopped but we could keep any memories in own head...
happy,fun,good,baaaaad and sad,whatever...
I guess,"friends" are also ever lasting too. You already have good friends here and in the UK but in your new life,
many many new commers are waiting for your arrive!
So darling,don't be nervous,you can make happy life with firneds. We Tokyo friens are always your ally yo! Ganbare Red!


Ganbare Red indeed! Dontcha worry bout a fing. Life is GREAT here - loving it. Hols in Europe booked, friends galore. You gotta love Landan. x



Hontoni arigato gozaimasu. Sameshii so ni narimasu, demo gambarimasu. London ni kite kudasai! But first let's party in Tokyo!

See you Sunday Princess.

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