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TPB, Esq.

"By your endurance, you shall gain your souls."

Rebirth is never easy, but it always carries within it the promise of something beautiful and new.


Endurance is actually a very Japanese approach to... well, most situations. And there are times when I feel like screaming f*ck endurance, just change it if you can't stand it... I guess I have been doing a bit of both. As ever, thanks for your positive thoughts.


Hey there Redhed. All I can say is that you know that even in the UK, there are shoulders for you to cry on as well as people to make you smile. The older one gets, the more one can empathise, and there's a certain Princess who can perhaps empathise beyond her years! Wish I could just say 'men suck' (which I often do) but let's be honest here. They are lovely, which is why we miss them, but sometimes they cause too much heart-ache than they're worth!

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