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Frank Black

Please write a book.


I promise I will re-learn to drink without puking! Just please come soon. I miss you x


Hello Tokyo Red.
I will really miss your blog! Will you continue from London? I am a fellow red head and found your blog randomly one day while goofing off at work. I live in Chicago and get to escape to Tokyo (I have visited & loved it) through your witty reports.
Best wishes,


Frank - Love to but I don't have time :-) I'd need a bloody good editor that's for sure. As ever thanks for your support. That's possibly the best comment I've ever had. I think there is one in me somewhere but I'm not sure it will ever come out.

Princess - Food is the key I think and plus we will have plenty more opportunities to practice. Looking forward to it sweetie. xxx

Bridget - once again I'm somewhat embarrassed to find that my "nonsense" is being read, and it seems, enjoyed by others unknown to me. Thanks for your best wishes and good thoughts. During my darkest moments, I tend to think that I won't be able to keep it going in London because I won't be having such a great life to write about... However, hopefully that won't be true and even if it were, I suspect my blog will be my salvation. So I guess all I can say is watch this space. Time for you to pay another visit to Tokyo no?

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