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Babe - i TOTALLY hear you - ShittyBank is my worst banking experience ever [they even outdid Lloyds on every level ;-]

Completely inflexible and so unwilling to offer any constructive help... not to mention the 2,000 / month account "management" fee... for ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING!!!!

I took Keruko's advice and will share my interest with Shinsei in 2005.

So long Shitty Bank!!


p.s. in case i don't get to post again - (early) happy new year for the 31st and safe travels home ')



OMG. In fits of alternating giggles and sympathetic frustration reading that. Helllooooo HSBC! x


Moved to Shinsei 8 months ago. Much better in every way...

Tokyo Redhed

Well of course, that's because you are sussed no?

GG - not bye bye but jya-ne~ xxx

Princess - see ya even sooner xxx


Yes, I could go on with a couple of experiences with them. What a terrible bank.


Do you know most banks including "Shitty Bank" completely close on New Years Day (January 1-3)? Be careful that you can't even use ATM!


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